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Businesses today require transformational change at a scale and speed that defies traditional ways of working. We spark change through our Digital Transformation Studio that delivers deep digital engineering and industry expertise through client-specific and integrated agile scrum teams.

Cesova is proudly a fully remote company. We believe that with a team working from all over the world comes a whole world of creativity…

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No part-time vacancies are available now

Work from

Everyone here at Cesova works remotely. This could be your home or whatever works for you. Anywhere that allows you to be productive, connected, and focused works for us.

Balance work
and life

Our work is demanding. It’s not easy to develop creative solutions to challenging problems the whole day, every day. So, we insist that our team will get plenty of rest and uninterrupted downtime. We plan projects sensibly and avoid panic and stress.

Hone your

Your skills are your greatest asset. At Cesova, you’ll grow personally and professionally. You’ll take on projects that millions of people use. You’ll learn new technologies, collaboration methods, and tools.

Enjoy a stable

We have been profitable since inception and have grown over seven times in the past 3 yrs. Our clients come from virtually every country in the world, making us resilient and agile.

Work with like minded people

You will join a team that you’ll enjoy and who will appreciate your work. We take responsibility instead of pointing fingers. We look for root causes instead of superficial bandages. We prioritize and deliver results.


We have local offices in Canada, the US, Singapore, and the UK. almost work exclusively with clients outside Sri Lanka. Most of our clients are CTOs and Tech founders who appreciate technology challenges and rely on us to solve them.

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