How Young Zoologists Association used their website to increase donations received!



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The Problem

The Young Zoologists Association, also referred to as “YZA”, seemed slightly lost when they first approached us for a digital consultation. The founders realized they had outgrown their current setup of just hosting an attractively designed website to receive donations. YZA wanted to find a solution which would help build its organic online presence to attract new donations & streamline communications in protecting the nature & conserving wildlife.

The Approach

“Attract more donations” was the primary objective of YZA. It wasn’t about increasing their bottom line as we did with other customers. We had to discuss and research sensitive ways to get into the heart of the donors. It was a selfless dedication for the betterment of the environment. We began to set the path for them by letting them speak in digital means. Put simply, we provided a social media strategy for them starting with Facebook,

to build awareness with their ideal target groups as to what the YZA had done in the past and their on-going projects. We helped build awareness on the importance of protecting nature and different ways members can contribute to this cause. This was made possible through the website designed by us with necessary resources and articles, eventually creating the mindset for people to become donors having a clear mindset on YZA’s mission.


48% increase in the number of donations

60% growth in website traffic

30% growth in member participation

150% increase in inquiries made via email

Donations from different parts of the world

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