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Effective Solutions is a well-known brand and an award-winning startup category company in Sri Lanka, trusted by many manufacturing and service industries, for their high-quality innovative technological solutions.


The Situation

The website they had earlier did not reflect their expertise nor provide information about the services and their capabilities to their potential customers. Therefore, they needed a comprehensive website developed meticulously with more than 17 pages.


The Approach

Prior to the designing of the website a customer value optimization audit was conducted, and a sales funnel was provided to the customer. Then according to the customer’s objectives and the requirements, a website design was proposed along with animations to reflect on their technical capabilities. Once the website design was approved by the customer, the website was developed. Then the content was added as per the requirements of the customer and the project was handed over to the customer.

Technologies Used

Wordpress, Elementor Pro, Smart Slider, Astra

Team Composition

UI/UX Engineer, Web Developer, QA Engineer

Hours Spent

150+ Hours

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